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Inspector General Frontier Corps Balochistan (IGFC) Major General Nadeem Ahmed Anjum visited Pishin to review the Census progress in Sector North. IGFC interacted with Field Enumerators and witnessed the House Enumeration Process. He appreciated the efforts being put in by All Ranks in timely completion of Stage 1 (Phase 1) of Census and showed satisfaction on the law and order situation.


Maj Gen Sher Afgun

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Was commissioned in 2 AK Regt in 1986. He is a graduate of C & SC Qta, War College (NDU Isb) and Joint Svcs Comd & Staff College, UK. He holds Master’s Degree in Def Mgmt from NDU Isb. He has been Pl Comd at PMA, BM 62  Bde during Kargil Op, UN Msn in Cambodia (UNTAC), Def Attache' Turkmenistan) and DMO Plans C in MO Dte GHQ. He commanded   2 AK Regt at Pano Aqil / LOC, 207 Bde Bde at Kharian and 117 Bde at Wana (SWA). He was GOC 23 Div prior to his posting as IGFC Bln. He took over Comd of FC Bln on 3rd Feb 2015