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Signal Equipment Tender 2016-17 Featured

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FOR THE YEAR 2016–17

1.         Sealed tender addressed to Inspector General Frontier Corps Balochistan (Signal Branch), Hali Road, Quetta are invited for purchase of signal equipment and spare parts of signal equipment on F. O .R Quetta Basis during current financial year 2016/17 by 15 November 2016 at 1100 hrs. The list of the equipment and spare parts can be obtained from Signal Branch, Headquarters Frontier Corps Balochistan, Quetta

(Tel No.081-9201542/ Extension 388) on any working day:-

            a.         Signal Equipment

Ser Description A/U
HF Equipment  
  HF Static Base and Vehicular Mobile Radios with original accessories and 2x Service Manuals Nos
VHF Equipment  
  VHF Analogue and Digital P-25 Compatible Static Base/ Vehicular Mobile and Walkie Talkie Radios with AES 256 bit encryption/ Scrambler device compatible with IP configuration ,original imported accessories, 1x spare battery and 2x Service Manuals of each version
  VHF Repeater Station compatible with serial number 2 above with complete original accessories
  VHF/UHF Broad Band Interception Receiver (Static Base and Handheld) with original accessories and portable Scanner/ Transceiver
  ACT Handheld / Vehicular Mobile Radio Set Analogue / digital with original accessories
  NiCd Battery and  Charger / Adopter of VHF Radio Equipment (F-3033S, LMR Handheld P25, Thuraya Satellite Telephone Set and ACT set)
  Long Range Cordless Phone with scrambler
Line Equipment  
  Digital Exchange (6+16, 6+24 and 8+48 Lines and 400 lines) with complete accessories
  Thuraya Satellite Telephone Set with complete standard  accessories (Hand Free, Car Charger, AC Charger, USB Cable and Spare Bty)
  Reeling Machine
  Auto Telephone Set (Non CLI / CLI / 4 line Telephone Set ) and Steno set 2 & 4 Lines
  Field  Telephone Sets Magneto/ Local Battery
  Digital Fax Machine
  Pick Wire
  Ladder (Hardened Aluminum, Length 12ft with Insulated / Wooden ends on top and bottom) 
  Field Cable Wire WD-1/TT (Length One Mile 1760 Meters on Steel  Drums) Miles
  PVC Cable (2, 5 & 10 Pair) Roll
  Aerial Cable (10,20 and 25 Pair) Roll
Secondary / Dry Batteries  
  Battery  Secondary 12 Volt (40, 75/80 and 210 AHC) with 1x Hydro Meter/10x Batteries and acid Nos
  Dry /Maintenance Free Battery  12V (150 / 200 AHC) 
Power Equipment  
  Solar Power Unit 12 Volt 100 Watt with 100% Copper 6mm electric cable 30 feet, charge controller, 2x Battery terminals and Iron stand
  UPS 2000 Watt, 24 VDC, 1000 Watt and 500 Watt 12VDC
  Stabilizer (Automatic 3 & 5 KVA Relay/ Servo) Nos
  Generator 220AC/12VDC  (1, 2, 2.2 and 3 KVA) Honda  or equivalent Nos
  Electric Battery Charger (For 4 x Secondary Batteries, 30 Amps) Nos
  Computer Core i3/ i5 alongwith RAM minimum 4 GB, Hard Disk minimum 500 GB, LED 18.5” complete Nos
  Laser Printer Nos
  VPS to turn the presentation  
Miscellaneous and Repairing Equipment  
  Repair Tool Kit for Signal  Equipment Nos

b.         Parts of Signal Equipment

Ser Description of Spares A/U

HF Equipment

  Spares for Harris RF5800H, SK-025/ SK-0601 Nos
  Spares for HF Radio PK-786 / SC-130D
  Spares for Motorolla HF Base MICOM2E
VHF Equipment  
  Spares for Motorolla VHF Base GM-338
  Spares for Motorolla VHF Mob GM–3688
  Spares for ICOM VHF Receiver R-20 and R6
  Spares for Motorolla Power Supply GM-338
  Spares for Motorolla VHF W/T GP-2000
  Spares for Motorolla Charger GP-2000
  Spares for Motorolla VHF W/Talkie GP-338
  Spares for Motorolla Charger GP-338
  Spares for LMR VHF W/T P25  
  Spares for LMR Charger W/T P25  
  Spares for ICOM VHF W/T Icom F-3023T/ F-3033S
  Spares for ICOM Charger F-3023T / F-3033S
  Spares for ICOM VHF W/T Icom F-50
  Spares for ICOM VHF W/Talkie Icom V-8 
  Spares for ICOM Charger F-50
  Spares for ICOM VHF Base /Mobile F-121
  Spares for VHF Base / Mobile Kenwood-TK760G
  Spares for VHF Walkie/ Talkie Kenwood- TK270G
  Spares for Motorolla VHF ASTRO Base
  Spares for ICOM VHF Base / Mobile IC- F5023H
  Spares for LMR VHF Base / Mobile P25 compatible  
Line Equipment
  Spares for Auto Tel Set
  Spares for Field Tel Set No-1 MK-1 and EFT-101
  Spares for Repair / maintenance of Computer, Printer, Cable, Internet networking 
Generators/ Charging Engine  
  Spares for Charging Engine 400/800 Watt
  Spares for Honda Generator 2.2 KVA
  Maintenance of miscellaneous equipment and purchase of office use items.

2.         Conditions of Tender.    The bids shall contain (Signal Equipment and Spare Parts of Signal Equipment (Separately) a single package containing to separate envelops. Each envelops shall contain separately the “Financial Proposal” and “Technical Proposal”. Both the envelops shall be marked as “Financial Proposal” and “Technical Proposal” in bold and legible letters to avoid confusion. Complete specification / broachers / related information of product will be placed in the envelop marked as “Technical Proposal”.

            a.         Rates quoted must be inclusive of all taxes duties (Income / Sales taxes) and octroi etc.

b.         Rates once quoted in your quotations would be valid up to 30 June 2017 otherwise the quotation will be rejected.

            c.         Delivery period will be 3-6 weeks from the date on which supply order is placed from this office.  Place of delivery of stores will be Signal Stores, Headquarter Frontier Corps Balochistan, Quetta.

            d.         Tenders can be dropped in the tender box by 15 November 2016 (Tuesday) on 1000 hrs and will be opened on same date at 1100 hrs

3.         Detailed list of Signals Equipment Spare Parts can be obtained on a USB/Flash Drive from Signals Branch, Headquarters Frontier Corps Balochistan on any working day. Contractors will be required to submit hard copy of their quotations on tender opening date and soft copy of their quotation on USB/Flash Drive on the succeeding day of tender opening date.

4.         All bidders will be required to deposit 5% of the total value of the contract with IGFC Balochistan Quetta in the form of bank draft as security money, which will be released to the contractor on successful termination and final settlement of delivery of contracted items.

5.         All bidders will be required to deposit a sum of Rs 10,000/- (refundable) on bank draft as Call Deposit Return (CDR) in the name of IGFC Balochistan Quetta, which will be released to the contractor on successful termination and final settlement of delivery of contracted items.

6.         All bidders will be required to deposit a sum of Rs 3,000/- (non refundable) on bank draft as Tender Fee in the name of IGFC Balochistan Quetta.

7.         Original equipment manufacturer can also participate without registration.

8.         The payment will be made through AGPR (Sub Office) Quetta after inspection and acceptance of the stores/ items by the Signals Branch, Headquarter Frontier Corps Balochistan, Quetta.

9.         All firms/contractors must deposit photo copy of sales tax registration certificate with quotations.

10.        All firms will be responsible to provide GST invoice duly paid and countersigned by sales tax department.

11.        Only those firms which are registered with Signals Branch Headquarters Frontier Corps Balochistan who have also deposited renewal fee for the year 2016-2017 can apply and non registered firms can participate in the tender, however, registration process will be carried with Signals Branch Headquarters Frontier Corps Balochistan, before finalization of tender.

12.        To obtain tender and Specifications/Technical detail of any item, Signals Branch Headquarters Frontier Corps Balochistan may be approached during office hours 0900 to 1600 hours on telephone number 9201542/Extension no 388.

13.        The procuring agency may reject all bids or proposals at any time prior to the acceptance of a bid or proposal. The procuring agency shall upon request communicate to any supplier or contractor who submitted a bid or proposal, the grounds for its rejection of all bids or proposals, but is not required to justify those grounds.

14.        Suitable sample, (free of cost) must accompany the quotation or brought by hand by the due date. Such a sample must by labeled showing rate and name of firm. These samples can be consumed in testing by this Headquarters. Costly samples can be returned provided this fact is mentioned by the firm in their quotation and label.



Lieutenant Colonel

Chief Signals Officer

(Asif Hussain Shah)

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